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How long will my eInvoice be available on Virtually There®?

Your eInvoice will be available on Virtually There for 90 days after it has been issued by your travel arranger (travel agency, airline or online booking site) or until your trip plans are no longer available on Virtually There, whichever comes first. If you have added the itinerary to your MyTrips page you will be able to access it here for a period of 90 days from the date that your travel arranger issued your eInvoice. For more information about MyTrips, please review the Help pages for that functionality.

What information will be displayed on my eInvoice?

All the itinerary and accounting information that your travel arranger specifies will be displayed on your eInvoice.

I have several invoices for my pending trip. How do I select a specific eInvoice?

Virtually There will display all eInvoices that have been issued for each single trip. You can select the required document from an eInvoice list by number or date of issue.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my eInvoice?

You should contact your travel arranger for all questions relating to your eInvoice.

How will my credit card details appear on my eInvoice?

For security reasons, your credit card number is not displayed on your eInvoice.

How will I know when my travel arranger has issued my eInvoice?

Your travel arranger may send you an e-mail advising that your eInvoice has been issued. You can also select the eInvoice link on your Virtually There trip plans to see if your eInvoice has been issued.

Can I view my eInvoice in other languages?

Your eInvoice is displayed in the language that your travel arranger has specified. Please contact your travel arranger with any questions relating to the language display of your eInvoice.

I am not able to view my eInvoice on Virtually There. Why?

You may not be able to view your eInvoice for the following reasons:
1. Your travel arranger has not issued your eInvoice.
2. Your travel arranger has voided your eInvoice.
3. It is more than 90 days from the date that your travel arranger issued your eInvoice.
4. Your trip has concluded and your trip plans are no longer available to view on Virtually There
5. Your travel arranger has elected not to utilize the eInvoice feature.