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Help > eTicket receipt

How long is my eTicket Receipt available on Virtually There®?

Your eTicket receipt will be available on Virtually There for 13 months after it has been issued by your airline/travel arranger or until your trip plans are no longer available on Virtually There, whichever comes first. If you have added the itinerary to your MyTrips page, you will also be able to access the eTicket here. For more information about MyTrips please review the Help pages for that functionality.

Why isn't my frequent flyer number shown on eTicket Receipt?

In an effort to safeguard the security of this personal information, Virtually There does not display frequent flyer information on your eTicket Receipt.

Why doesn't my full credit card number appear on my eTicket Receipt?

For security reasons and to protect your credit card from fraudulent use, Virtually There "masks" your credit card information by displaying only the last four digits.

Am I required to read the information found under the "Important Legal Notices" link?

The document details important information about the carriage of goods and dangerous baggage. This information is usually found inside the ticket jacket of a paper ticket issued by your travel arranger (travel agency, airline or online booking site). Virtually There recommends that you familiarize yourself with this information, as it is relevant to your flight.

What form of personal identification do I have to present at time of check-in?

From City Guides tab, choose Important Information >Travel Alerts and Information to find the documentation requirements for your nationality and destination.

Why does my baggage allowance say PC? What does this mean?

A baggage allowance of 'PC' means that the airline on which you are traveling tracks baggage by pieces rather than by weight. Please check with your travel arranger to determine exactly how many pieces are allowed.