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Help > Flight Notification

How do I register for Virtually There® Flight Notification service ?

To register for Virtually There Flight Notification service, follow these steps:

1. Create a Virtually There traveler profile, validate your email address and set your preferences for notification.

2. Login to Virtually There in the upper right hand corner of the screen, by clicking Login

3. If you have a validated your email address that was used for booking, you will automatically receive your flight notifications based on your settings.

How will my Flight Notification be delivered ?

You may choose to have your Flight Notification delivered via text messages to e-mail, pagers, mobile phones and/or SMS devices.
Voice messages can be delivered to any phone number in the United States or Canada. Note: Pagers and mobile phones must be capable of receiving e-mail or text messages.

Why does the response "Flight Notification information is not available from this airline" appear on some of my flight segments ?

Virtually There® does not have access to Flight Notification information for all airlines. The response "Flight Notification information is not available from this airline" is displayed to alert you that you are unable to register for Flight Notification service for that specific airline.

What type of flight changes will generate a Flight Notification message ?

Virtually There will send you a Trip Reminder notification in advance of your trip, as well as details of any changes that may occur on the day of travel. Virtually There will begin monitoring your flights 24 hours prior to departure. You will be notified of changes to departure gate and terminal, delay of departing flights and cancellation of departing flights.

If I specify a blocked time, what will happen if I travel across time zones ?

Blocked Times are always in the time zone of your first flight segment. For example if you had a London - DFW - Los Angeles flight, the London time zone will be used.

Will I be charged for the messages I receive ?

There may be charges associated with sending Flight Notification messages to your cell phone or mobile device. Check with your service provider to learn more about their service and costs. You may receive up to 9 messages / day maximum. If you wish to stop receiving SMS messages please send STOP to 72273 from the mobile device.